What Audiences Are Saying About The Duck Variations

Audience St. Andrews B

“I was so pleased by the turnout Sunday afternoon (more people had bought tickets but couldn’t come) and by the response of the audience. Most of them were not St. Andrew people…they were friends and friends of friends…just the demographic we hoped to reach. Deliciously nuanced with impeccable timing, the banter between veteran actors Geoffrey Nelson and Jonathan Putnam sparkled with the ideal pairing of wit and poignancy. From the opening lines, we were hooked. I heard many compliments! Thank you both for an uplifting performance, nuanced in so many ways, delightful, thoughtful … just perfect.”

Rev. Phyllis A. Heffner, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (Columbus)

“Great show–great to see Geoff & Jonathan performing again–we’ll be at the next one.”

David Hogrefe, Buckeye Lake Winery

“Excellent performance & a very engaging discussion afterwards. Thank you!”

Ilana Maymind, Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware)

“Lots of fun! Thanks!”

Anonymous, Chemical Abstracts Services (Columbus)

“After your wonderful performance and a great discussion afterward, I was swept up in a wave of members telling me what a wonderful time they had and how much they enjoyed the event! … So, thank you for bringing such a wonderful production to the Conservatory!”

Carrie A. Levicki, Membership Manager, Franklin Park Conservatory (Columbus)

“True to life. Funny! I enjoyed it.”

Joyce Willeke, Clintonville Woman’s Club

DUCK at BLW for web

“The Portable Theatre as a concept, I think, is in a weird way brilliant in the fact that it’s sort of a retro thing because that’s how theatre was in the old days.  There would be traveling theatre that would be more accessible to the masses.  What I like about it is that it kind of breaks down that fourth wall.”

Ken Hagy, Hilliard

“I really enjoyed the play. The actors were excellent. The magic of theatre is when you become part of the show – these actors were able to create that with the audience 5 feet away.”

Carolyn Morway, The Inn at Honey Run (Millersburg)

“Wonderful– second play with this group”

Char Penniman, Woodlands Tavern (Grandview)

“Such an interesting play; great mixture of humor and serious themes.”

Karen Steiger, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“We are delighted to have theater to enjoy outside of the city of Columbus. Awesome performance!”

Char Hughes, Buckeye Lake Winery

“Really mesmerizing – wanted to make sure I heard every word.  Very well-suited for this space.  Excellent acting.  Thank you.”

Trish Kronk, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

Audience Wesley Ridge B

“I enjoyed the performance so very much! We’ll look forward to your next one!”

 Anonymous, Wesley Ridge Retirement Community (Reynoldsburg)

“Very enjoyable. Very professional. Good question & answer afterward.”

Anonymous, Buckeye Lake Winery

With “The Duck Variations,” a new theatre company makes a wonderful debut …. Comedic masters that they have proven themselves to be, Nelson and Putnam milk every line, every gesture, every interruption, every pause for its maximum effect….  If “The Duck Variations” is any indication, APT promises to fulfill everything it’s quacked up to be.”

Jay Weitz, Columbus Alive!

“I enjoyed it.  Geoff and Jon did a great job!”

Julie Jones, Woodlands Tavern (Grandview)

“My husband and I saw your performance last night at Franklin Park Conservatory and really enjoyed it. The play itself was very well done, but my favorite part was the Q&A afterwards. It was very satisfying to be able to discuss it with the actors and the audience. Thanks again!”

Barbara Quinn Kerr, Member, Franklin Park Conservatory (Columbus)

“Very entertaining, well-acted. First time to see a Mamet play & would go again.”

Anonymous, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“Really enjoyed the show! The Q&A at the end was interesting and made it feel more personable.”

Cheryl Miller, Chemical Abstracts Services (Columbus)

“Really enjoyed the performance. Will definitely attend another!”

Elaine Pimental, Buckeye Lake Winery

DUCK at Honey Run

“We had never heard of APT until tonight.  It was a very enjoyable performance.  We found it amazing that two actors only could entertain us completely.  We are looking forward to seeing more of your performances in the future.  Thank you for introducing us to APT –  a wonderful idea.”

Kenneth Foster, The Inn at Honey Run (Millersburg)

 “Enjoyed the play. The actors pulled me in…. They made the dialogue believable.”

Sally Gilson, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“I was enthralled by your facial expressions and body language.  You are both very good actors!”

Anonymous, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (Columbus)

“Interesting presentation of ‘friends’ and friendships and the dissonance and synchronicity between the two wonderful performances!”

Veronica Leahy, Buckeye Lake Winery

“APT is a great diversion from the many theater groups already working in Columbus.  Going to different venues is good for the audience…. APT is unique; no one else does small plays like this.”

Anonymous, Woodlands Tavern (Grandview)

“I really enjoyed your performances.  So did the people near me.  Your projection was great – we could hear you really well.”

Anonymous,  Wesley Ridge Retirement Community (Reynoldsburg)

“Touring live theater is always enjoyed and this was no exception–Strength of production/playwright as well as the length makes it doable for so many.”

Anonymous, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“Very good. I liked your chemistry and the relationship you built with each other.”

Mary Dupler, Buckeye Lake Winery

“I enjoyed the play very much.”

Gary H. Miller, Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware)

Audience Hersha B

“We booked  APT to perform The Duck Variations at our home for a theatre party.  About 40 friends attended that evening.  Our back deck was the stage and friends sat in chairs on the lawn.   With the help of a local bartender, I served Mallard Punch – rubber ducks included.  Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the show; some were familiar with David Mamet, the majority were not.    Most remained outside for a talk-back and some are still talking about it to this day.  It was an all-around fantastic experience, one which we look forward to repeating with other shows.”

Robin Hersha (Hilliard)

“Excellent performance. Enjoyed it very much. Impressed with acting ability and excellent play. Look forward to future performances.”

Rich Smith, Buckeye Lake Winery

“The show was excellent! …. For most of the performance I felt as if I was in a park.  The two of you together are exceptional & so compatible.  Thank you for an excellent portrayal of two people fearing their own futures & mortality.”

Pat Sherman, The Inn at Honey Run (Millersburg)

“What a professional performance–gives credit to Mamet’s talent. Kudos to both of you.”

Dagmar T. Wolcott, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“First class acting & nice discussion after.  Look forward to others.”

Anonymous, Woodlands Tavern (Grandview)

“We really enjoyed it! Q & A session very informative.  Portable Theatre is an excellent idea & the perfect way to bring theater to different, smaller venues.”

Anonymous, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (Columbus)

“Some glad you came to us at Buckeye Lake. Very enjoyable mid-week entertainment.”

Kay Morrison, Buckeye Lake Winery

“Geoff and Jonathan were delightfully funny in their roles last night! Exciting to be in the audience. A huge turnout! Looking forward to seeing more plays with this new acting group. Continued success! All the best!”

Mary Lou Casanta (Upper Arlington)

“The performance received rave notices! And, how soon will they return??????”

Rev. Robert Kimes, Chaplain, Wesley Ridge Retirement Community (Reynoldsburg)

Audience Franklin Park B“This was a very enjoyable, professional production.  The actors were excellent….”

Anonymous, Buckeye Lake Winery

“I enjoyed both the performance & the discussion! Taking theatre “on the road” is a great idea.”

Anonymous, Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware)

“Timing terrific! Loved it–“

Anonymous, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“Wonderful! Had a great time and really enjoyed the play.”

Dave Bowman, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (Columbus)

“The story was very funny.  The actors were great. Live performances are priceless.”

Michael McBride, Woodlands Tavern (Grandview)

“Everyone deserves theatre.  APT makes that possible.”

Kari Inglis, The Inn at Honey Run (Millersburg)

“…Nelson and Putnam garnered laughs while creating an endearing portrait of two old men on a park bench discussing ducks, nature and the patterns of life.”

Michael Grossberg, The Columbus Dispatch

“The performance was very nice.”

Christy Kilpatrick, Buckeye Lake Winery

“I saw it last night and went home raving about it to my husband who proceeded to bring up a youtube version from another professional production. I watched a bit with him and found that Geoffrey Cobb Nelson and Jonathan Putnam, in comparison, are outstanding actors. Their chemistry was dynamic and intimate. Their timing was spot-on for the “Mamet-speak.” The simplicity of the set directed more attention to the dialogue, which is the real star of the show. “Act 2” provided keen insights into the production when Geoffrey and Jonathan participated in a question and answer session. I can highly recommend seeing this production and hiring this little troupe for an event.”

Tricia Sprankle (Gahanna)

Audience Abbey Theatre B“So happy to finally get to see this show.  Jonathan & Geoffrey shine in this show–it could have been written for them!”

Rebecca Zelanin, Woodlands Tavern (Grandview)

“I enjoyed the play very much. I don’t have any old men in my life any more but it was fun to recall those halting conversations with wit and candor. Don’t change a thing.”

Anonymous, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“Really enjoyed the interplay of the characters”

Nancy E. Kidd, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (Columbus)

“Thank you for a great show and for bringing wonderful theater to Buckeye Lake.  You guys were great!”

Anonymous, Buckeye Lake Winery

“And it’s a really, really cool thing to be able to go — in this case, where I was — into someone’s back yard and watch a show on their back porch. And it’s really, really awesome to be able to see a show in that environment that is just as good as any other theatre experience you get.  It really goes to show that the only thing you really need for a great experience is a great script, enough light to see the stage and [actors] who know what they’re doing.”

Carl Burgason (Hilliard)

“So good to see Jonathan and Geoffrey again.  I’ve enjoyed them for many years at CATCO.  I hope to see you many times again!”

Anonymous Member, Franklin Park Conservatory (Columbus)

DUCK Woodlands for Web

“Great performance! The afterplay [discussion] was very informative.”

John Culley, The Inn at Honey Run (Millersburg)

Duck Variations is beautifully acted and directed. It is sad, funny, subtle, and delightful.”

Kathy Burkman (Upper Arlington)

“I enjoyed this!… I’ve seen both of these actors… in many CATCO plays. Both are fabulous! What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Delightful!”

Anonymous, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“It was a good selection for our group.”

Carlos Philpott, Chemical Abstracts Services (Columbus)

“Lovely! Thank you!”

Anonymous, Buckeye Lake Winery

“It was a distinctive time of enjoyment for me.  Thank you for sharing your insight and skills.”

Maryellen Lander, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (Columbus)

“Very good. A Fun experience!!”

Mary Theodoras, Wesley Ridge Retirement Community (Reynoldsburg)

“Working under Nelson’s direction, [the actors] mine every bit of humor from Mamet’s two-person one-act, The Duck Variations…. It’s all a bit profound, and just a little sad. Mostly, though, it’s funny, thanks to the personality clashes that arise…. Emil and George … come across, not as stereotypical oldsters, but as individuals who are touchingly vulnerable and recognizably—and hilariously—human.”

Richard Ades, Columbus Theater

Audience Eastland Performing Arts BIt was great”

Anonymous, Buckeye Lake Winery

“This performance was interesting in the fact that there were few actors and stage props used to help tell the story.  ‘Boiled down’ to its simplest form, this performance allows the actors to tell the entire story, which is very challenging.  If the story holds your interest, and this one does, then the actors have done their job to convince you of the characters’ lives and experience.  Nice job! Keep up the good work and keep art alive, it is very important to the human experience.”

Roxanne McGovern, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (Columbus)

Wonderful. Enjoyed the talent”

Anonymous, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“Much fun! Well done.”

Anonymous, Woodlands Tavern (Grandview)

“Loved your timing – so enjoyed the location – the intimacy of the setting as well as the 2 plays on consecutive evenings.”

Carol Klekota, The Inn at Honey Run (Millersburg)

“Loved It!”

Anonymous Member, Franklin Park Conservatory

“Excellent–Actors played very well off each other.”

Bruce Langner, Buckeye Lake Winery

“Saw it last night and it was terrific!”

Patricia Santelli, Franklin Park Conservatory

“Thank you for a great afternoon. Enjoyed your performance.”

Anonymous, Clintonville Woman’s Club

“I am thrilled to see my two favorite actors in central Ohio have still got it!  I came because I wanted to see a Mamet play that I’ve never seen.  Finding these two actors here was a serendipitous treat. “

Dawn Rodeheffer, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (Columbus)

“A thought-provoking comedy in the hands of two masters of the theatre”

Angela Palazzolo, Franklin Park Conservatory

“We enjoyed the play greatly. Thank you!”

Anonymous, The Inn at Honey Run (Millersburg)

“I enjoyed the historical romp [discussion] after the performance almost as much as the play itself.”

Michael Leahy, Buckeye Lake Winery

“Very pleasing play well-suited for audience & venue”

Anonymous, Clintonville Woman’s Club