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When two elderly men meet in the park, their chance encounter quickly becomes a comic battle of wits.  George and Emil are stubborn, highly opinionated and hilariously misinformed. Who is the wiser of the two? In fourteen short scenes – or “variations” – they verbally spar like prizefighters to find out.  And what do they fight about? Pollution, money, the government, outer space, the law, mother nature, the value of friendship, mortality and the majestic life of the duck.  (Imagine George Burns vs. Jack Benny and you’ll get the idea.)

The Duck Variations is performed without an intermission and lasts approximately 55 minutes.  There is no profanity (unlike most of David Mamet’s other plays).  It is not recommended for younger children – not because there is anything that would be offensive, but because they won’t get the humor!

Click on this sentence to read what audiences have said about APT’s production of The Duck Variations.

Click on this sentence to read the rave reviews for APT’s production of The Duck Variations, as well as to listen to an NPR interview with the cast that includes a short scene from the play.

**Each performance will be followed by an open discussion with the actors  about the play, the playwright, ideas raised in the play, the creative process and … ducks.**


A Short Excerpt from The Duck Variations:


GEORGE:      Did you know that many human societies are modeled on those of our animal friends?

EMIL:            Pish.

GEORGE:      I beg to differ about it.

EMIL:            Pish foo.

GEORGE:      The French, for example.

EMIL:            Are modeled on animals?

GEORGE:      Historically, yes.

EMIL:            Where did you get that?

GEORGE:      Some guide to France.

EMIL:            I don’t believe it.

GEORGE:      I got it somewhere. I’ll show you.

EMIL:            You do that.

GEORGE:      I will.

EMIL:            You just do that.

GEORGE:      Don’t push me.