It doesn’t take the Crown Jewels to book an APT show!

QE1When she wasn’t busy defeating the Spanish Armada, there was nothing Queen Elizabeth I liked more than a good play.

Without Elizabeth’s protection, Puritans in 16th century London would have banned all theatre for being “sinful.”

But the Virgin Queen did more than protect the theatres.  She also booked tours!

Oh, sure, she could have gone to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to see the shows, but dragging along all those courtiers and ladies-in-waiting and saddling all those horses would have been a royal hassle. So every year, QE1 entertained in truly regal style by booking professional theatre companies to perform their plays at court. 


If you are interested in booking an APT tour, either our current productions of The Duck Variations or Pierce to the Soul, or some future show, please contact us by using our easy “Comments” form at the bottom of the page or by leaving a message at 614-404-2578.

APT’s goal is to make live professional theatre not only convenient, but affordable.

The booking fee for The Duck Variations or Pierce to the Soul is $1000 for a weeknight or weekend performance, plus mileage.  Weekday performances for high schools, senior centers and other non-profit organizations may be discounted. APT is also willing to discuss other booking arrangements, including co-presenting, and possible sponsorships.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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